Learn to be yourself

In my continuing post on how to live independently I would like to talk about not only being yourself but also owning yourself. It sounds easy to just be yourself, but it can be the hardest thing to actually do. Case in point, about four years ago I noticed I was starting to get grey hairs, I know I’m getting older, so I started to color my hair. I would always get the color in a box and do it myself, I only ever died it black or blond but admitantly sometimes the blond look came out red. I never could decide what color I wanted to be. About a year ago I decided to stop coloring my hair and alow it to look its natural color grey hairs included, and do you know what I have gotten lots of complements that my hair looks great natural. Who would have known?
We live in a society that is constantly changing I know that many feel you have to change to fit in, I feel good about not changing myself with being who I am. I also know that I will only have one shot at living and I’d rather not live it trying to be someone I’m not. Please stay tuned for future posts and remember own yourself because you are the only one who Can or will.

Living Independently Using Public Transportation, Yes Public Transportation, By Robert Works

Hello, How are you today? As you know in the past I’ve written about living independently through gardening and wardrobe choices, today I will be talking about using public transportation. I live in New Haven, CT where there is extensive transportation options. You may be thinking to yourself, “this sounds like someone who doesn’t have a car” and you are correct I don’t and couldn’t be happier!!

I live in New Haven but I work full time in Hartford & Middletown, CT same company, different work sites. You may be thinking Middletown, no public Transportation, and Hartford; only Amtrak —you would be wrong my friend! CT Transit, the public buss company in Hartford & New Haven, operates an express buss between Hartford & New Haven, it is run by and on Peter Pan but funded by CT Transit so a one way from New Haven to Middle town is $3.75 and New Haven to Hartford only $4.45. The buss only makes 6b stops too. it runs from the New Haven train station to the 2nd stop the New Haven Green, then it stops for a third time at a Park & Ride lot in North Haven, then it is on to a Middleown Park & Ride lot, the last two stops being next to the Old State House in Hartford then the last stop the Hartford train station. It only takes about one hour for the commute give or take a few minutes depending on traffic, and at those rates, about what you would pay in gas, mabye a little less depending on make or model. You may now be thinking “great you broke even, but tie is money, I could have been making money those 15 minutes.” You couldn’t be more wrong my friend, on the buss you can catch up on a book or do some office work on your computer, play that very addictive new app you love, or catch up on some sleep. When it comes to saving money it gets even better. With public transportation you are not making lease payments, paying for insurance, or car tax, and let us not forget upkeep (like oil changes & annual check ups).
I owned a car for about six years and found out the hard way that it was a big money drain and I can truthfully say financially and over all really happy, I have time to read books again (a hobby of mine) and I am able build up savings instead of being a slave to my car. Now transportation serves me instead of me serving it. Think about unsung public transportation. You might be glad you did.
I just wanted to thank you for reading this and please check back to see what else I post. Goodbye for now.

Independent living by simplifying your wardrobe by Robert Works

hello my name is Robert Works. i’m continuing my theme on independent living by talking about clothing. we need it to live but do we really need a department store’s worth of clothing in our life? i know i used to have so much clothing i felt like the man who lived in a shoe who had so much clothing that he didn’t know what to do. i now own 4 dress shirts for work: two blue, two white , bought at the same store and they are all the same style. i own one suit and a two blazers. i own three pairs of kakhi pants that i wear to work. i own two pairs of jeans: one white, one blue for working in the gardening, dating, or just knock around. i have two button down shirts that are not for work. i own two pairs of pants i wear at my apartment i call my lazy pants and also two t-shirts also for at home. i have three white under shirts that i always wear under my dress shirts and underwear and socks. i find that the minimalist approach to clothes is the best and the easiest. i have my work clothes, my play clothes and my alone time clothes, also, i would advise going to one store for all your clothing needs and stick with it. i for one shop at banana republic for my dress shirts. sure, they are more expensive that walmart or target but there are made better and will last a lot longer and over time will actually save you money. my parents as cheese makers would come out with two experimental cheeses that they would sell at the farmers market. whichever sold better would become a permanent cheese starting the next year. they could have come out with a hundred new cheeses each year, but by being thrifty and taking a simplistic approach, they only only introduced two and at the end of the summer would have one new permanent cheese. i am using my parents simple approach in many areas of my life as a way to live independent and as effectively as possible. there are lot of lesson from my parents farm and lots of lessons you can learn from your own family. please continue to follow my posts.

Robert Works tips on alternatives to planters for indoor gardening in New Haven, CT

Hi… My name is Robert Works. In this post I am talking about how to grow a plant without a planter. Living in New Haven CT as I do, and living in an apartment, I don’t have a garden outside. however, I do have plants growing inside my apartment. In my last post I talked about going to a garden center and getting everything you need to start growing vegetables in your apartment. However, I know money is very tight today and I know some of those planters are very expensive. I’m here to tell you not to worry. you don’t need a planter to grow your own vegetables, you can use things that would usually go into the trash such as milk jugs. What you do is cut the top half off, fill the bottom half with soil, put in your seeds. water. then put it in a window sill with sunlight and watch it grow! Another item you can use is an old aluminum baking tin. instead of throwing them out fill it with soil, add some seeds, place in the window sill and your getting more independent! I would like to thank all of you who read this post and liked it and i hope you start your own indoor gardens. My parents made a living as sheep farmers for the last 15 years, they always had a garden in their yard that produced food just for themselves. They had fun gardening, I am finding that gardening in my apartment is also fun and delicious. My father always said frugality is very important,. there is nothing more frugal than growing your own produce.

Robert Works from New Haven CT shares his experiences in independent living

So you want to live independently? Independent living can be as easy as planting a few seeds and watching them grow. You may be thinking “I live in an apartment.” Well, so do I! Im Robert Works, and I live in the Westville section of New Haven CT in an apartment with a roommate. Westville isn’t exactly the farming capitol of the world. But my apartment has some sunlight and i can grow lettuce and other delicious vegetables that taste better than store bought (and alot cheaper too!).

First thing you want to do to move towards greater independence and the feeling self content and self sufficency is go to your local garden center and get a container. You could also make one out of a milk carton. Ill show you how later. I suggest you buy a container with a hole on the bottom so your plant does not drown. Then it is just a matter of keeping the soil moist and BOOM! Your lettuce or other produce is growing and you can clip it off and “Bon Apetite!”  Imagine inviting your friends over for dinner and them watching you clip lettuce from your own indoor garden for dinner and how impressed they will be and how good you will feel! Maybe they will be inspired to start their own indoor garden