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Independent living by simplifying your wardrobe by Robert Works

hello my name is Robert Works. i’m continuing my theme on independent living by talking about clothing. we need it to live but do we really need a department store’s worth of clothing in our life? i know i used to have so much clothing i felt like the man who lived in a shoe who had so much clothing that he didn’t know what to do. i now own 4 dress shirts for work: two blue, two white , bought at the same store and they are all the same style. i own one suit and a two blazers. i own three pairs of kakhi pants that i wear to work. i own two pairs of jeans: one white, one blue for working in the gardening, dating, or just knock around. i have two button down shirts that are not for work. i own two pairs of pants i wear at my apartment i call my lazy pants and also two t-shirts also for at home. i have three white under shirts that i always wear under my dress shirts and underwear and socks. i find that the minimalist approach to clothes is the best and the easiest. i have my work clothes, my play clothes and my alone time clothes, also, i would advise going to one store for all your clothing needs and stick with it. i for one shop at banana republic for my dress shirts. sure, they are more expensive that walmart or target but there are made better and will last a lot longer and over time will actually save you money. my parents as cheese makers would come out with two experimental cheeses that they would sell at the farmers market. whichever sold better would become a permanent cheese starting the next year. they could have come out with a hundred new cheeses each year, but by being thrifty and taking a simplistic approach, they only only introduced two and at the end of the summer would have one new permanent cheese. i am using my parents simple approach in many areas of my life as a way to live independent and as effectively as possible. there are lot of lesson from my parents farm and lots of lessons you can learn from your own family. please continue to follow my posts.