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Learn to be yourself

In my continuing post on how to live independently I would like to talk about not only being yourself but also owning yourself. It sounds easy to just be yourself, but it can be the hardest thing to actually do. Case in point, about four years ago I noticed I was starting to get grey hairs, I know I’m getting older, so I started to color my hair. I would always get the color in a box and do it myself, I only ever died it black or blond but admitantly sometimes the blond look came out red. I never could decide what color I wanted to be. About a year ago I decided to stop coloring my hair and alow it to look its natural color grey hairs included, and do you know what I have gotten lots of complements that my hair looks great natural. Who would have known?
We live in a society that is constantly changing I know that many feel you have to change to fit in, I feel good about not changing myself with being who I am. I also know that I will only have one shot at living and I’d rather not live it trying to be someone I’m not. Please stay tuned for future posts and remember own yourself because you are the only one who Can or will.