Robert Works from New Haven CT shares his experiences in independent living

So you want to live independently? Independent living can be as easy as planting a few seeds and watching them grow. You may be thinking “I live in an apartment.” Well, so do I! Im Robert Works, and I live in the Westville section of New Haven CT in an apartment with a roommate. Westville isn’t exactly the farming capitol of the world. But my apartment has some sunlight and i can grow lettuce and other delicious vegetables that taste better than store bought (and alot cheaper too!).

First thing you want to do to move towards greater independence and the feeling self content and self sufficency is go to your local garden center and get a container. You could also make one out of a milk carton. Ill show you how later. I suggest you buy a container with a hole on the bottom so your plant does not drown. Then it is just a matter of keeping the soil moist and BOOM! Your lettuce or other produce is growing and you can clip it off and “Bon Apetite!”  Imagine inviting your friends over for dinner and them watching you clip lettuce from your own indoor garden for dinner and how impressed they will be and how good you will feel! Maybe they will be inspired to start their own indoor garden

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